About Us


  Abandon those ideas, dreams or goals that are

                         not working for your life!

              Abandon disrespectful & non-productive

                            interactions w/others!

             Abandon unhealthy eating & start caring

                         about every mouthful or

                                drink that you consume!

                             Abandon bad habits which prevent

                          your immediate success in business!

                   Abandon your outdated or disorganized

                   working and/or living space and create

                 a new atmosphere that you enjoy!


        Abandon is here to guide you to finding out what makes you happy, healthy & productive.  If you moved to France you would not be expected to instantly speak   French...so why do we expect so much from ourselves about subjects which we know so little about?  Unfortunately you might not have had the opportunity to be taught at an early age the skills which you need and which would make you feel more comfortable in your adult life. 


                    Abandon is here to help you!                                     

Contact Abandon today to learn about improving your quality of life immediately!